Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why Software Development ?

I have been thinking off late as to why I chose to be a Software Developer ?

Here is what some of us may be driven by:
  1. humble pay slips,
  2. hi-tech (cool) workspaces, or
  3. sheer joy of being under stress?
The fact is, we don't do it for money, and neither did we choose it for the hi-tech life that comes with it. Also, people seldom like being under stress throughout the day (and more so as the evening approaches and clock strikes 07.00 pm, and you start wondering, why the task list is still incomplete, though you did nothing but the tasks, whole daylong)!

So what is it that drives us (we developers)?

Let’s face it, we are software developers because we were born such ways!
Nothing else fits us; we are good for nothing but code.
Our limited area of knowledge extends mostly to the following list:
  1. bugs (the entire day passes with these ugly things),
  2. stacks (varied nature, call stack, locals stack, global stack),
  3. heaps (ya, even though we didn’t create them in the first place, we simply used it),
  4. errors (design time, run time, unhandled, handled, may be even deliberate ones created by us).
For us the ultimate joy in life is seeing the error list shrinking down and eventually getting empty; the output window emitting “Build successful” and pressing F5 always is a path to glory (untold and unrewarded).

Isn’t it the most fulfilling thing on earth to see people using our applications and fulfilling their dreams and aspirations?

What is more satisfying then to see the minor differences that exist between our pay slip and the re-reimbursement that our company receives from our esteemed clients?

Truth be told, we are proud of ourselves.
So much so that, we don’t care who gains what due to us; rather we care about our IDEs, our editor font, and most importantly our clients’ feedback (they also call it bug list, but I would rather keep it motivating and call it feedback).

Be a developer... there is simply nothing more sufficing, nothing more rocking!

Happy Coding!