Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Syncfusion announces free toolkit for individual developers and small companies

The .NET eco-system is undergoing some exciting changes making it a great time to be a .NET developer. With Microsoft offering its flagship IDE to individual developers for free through the Visual Studio Community Edition, and embracing larger community through open-source of core library, it is now Syncfusion which has jumped on to become the default toolset for possibly millions of developers across platforms.

Image courtesy: Syncfusion
The community edition which is free for individual developers and small companies includes around 650+ controls across various platforms, with full support and updates that is expected from a professional edition (valued at $9,975).

Syncfusion Community Edition product list
Image courtesy: Syncfusion
You can claim your free license by heading on to the Community edition page at Syncfusion here.

Happy Coding!

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